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We are passionate about living healthy, happy, and prosperous lives! The Energy Wellness Center is dedicated to helping individuals experience life changing breakthroughs and fundamental core improvement on a cellular level as well as mind and spirit. We offer powerful tools that can easily, and quickly, enhance & change your life forever! We help provide a balance of the physical, mental & emotional body!
Quantum Reflex Analysis
Quantum Reflex Analyasis
Biofield Testing
Ionized Water​
Fitbody Infrared Heat Wraps
Health Bio Scans
I- Packs (Mud)
Emotinal  Healing
Chakra  balancing

Proud distributors of some of the finest
products & Services 

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    Garden of Life
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    NewWave Technology
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    Sacred Chocolate
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    Fit BodyWrap
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    Premier Research Labs
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    EXMI technology
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    Gem Stones