Meet the Staff


Tracy Teclaw, ND, CNHP ,LMT, QRA Specialist Lic#MA78403

Welcome to 21st Century Medicine. Nutrition that really works.™ What if your body could talk to you and tell you exactly what it needed to be healthy? Would it tell you that you need specific nutritional support? A different diet? Certain detox procedures? The root cause for the symptoms you may or may not be experiencing? Yes, your body can “talk” to you through the amazing bio-communication technique of Quantum Reflex Analysis (QRA). Tracy Teclaw is a Naturopathic doctor with the highest level of training in QRA. Studying with the world’s leading Clinical Nutritionist, Tracy has traveled throughout the United States and abroad to bring you the latest in holistic wellness and health. Tracy’s love for holistic health started from a very young age. Her passion is to educate clients on the pitfalls one may encounter on their journey to wellness. Tracy understands the need for Balance and focuses on the Whole-Body approach: Physical/Nutritional, Mental/Emotional, Electrical/Energetic and Spiritual Connection. She engages with clients individually and shares her wealth of knowledge and understanding with her clients and collaborates with them to create nutritional and wellness programs that are lasting and highly effective. Tracy understands that there is so much information with the use of modern technology via the worldwide web, which is why she spends time with each of her clients individually to answer their questions, as well as leading educational seminars and workshops at her wellness center in Central Florida. Tracy is highly sought after by aspiring QRA specialists and is on the referral list of Dr. Bob Marshall. Her one-on-one training with Dr. Marshall and commitment to educating the public about the amazing, effective practice of QRA has made her the success she is today.

Teya Alden, Spiritual Life Coach and Restorative Exercise Specialist

Our relationship with the world can only mirror and express the relationship we have with our own bodies. I have found in my own self discovery my gift to guide others. Wisdom can not be taught, it can only be amassed through living your experiences. I am now able to extend the essence of my hard won first hand experiences to you. I will guide you to activate your awareness to attune to how your body and intuition are speaking to you. I have come to know the secret of how we gain wisdom from our wounds. It requires us to live close to the earth with our hearts, minds, and bellies always in touch, both inside and out, with that which is larger than we are.

Betsy Perez, CH

We are proud to introduce Betsy to the Energy Wellness Center Family. Betsy is certified in Hypnosis, NLP and as a Life Coach. She has a BS degree in Biology and Masters in Information Techology. Betsy’s goal is to facilitate personal development and change in several areas such as stress reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss, regression, and self confidence.

Sarah Ryder , Facial Specialist

Sarah Ryder is an Aesthetician that specializes in natural and organic skin care therapies. She has held a license to practice skin care for more than nine years in three different states, and has performed thousands of treatments using multiple techniques from around the world.  She is devoted to practicing a complete holistic approach to skin care and ALL aspects of health. Sarah’s education includes certification in fourteen different skin care lines from around the world. She also has a science degree in alternative medicine that covers herbology and botany to Chinese medicine, nutrition, homeopathy, and more.  Sarah also has incorporated an ADVANCED technology in energy medicine over the last five years of her practice. This technology has the ability to recharge facial and body tissues and is a natural alternative to chemical peels, face lifts, and surgical procedures.  It is also used to speed up recovery time after surgery or injury. Sarah’s goal is to help educate and treat those seeking a healthier and better lifestyle through proper therapeutic approaches.   She is passionate about approaching all aspects of life holistically and to help others do the same. Sarah is dedicated to researching the most cutting edge techniques, formulas, protocols, and products available.  Sarah is now located at The Energy Wellness Center in Central Florida

Evelyn “Rock Doctor”

We are pleased to introduce you to our “Rock Doctor”, Evelyn.  Evelyn has spent many years studying the healing art of stones. Recognizing that each person is individual, Evelyn practices the healing art of selecting stones that are unique to you. Evelyn’s hidden talent lies not only in finding the right stones for you, but in creating beautiful, one of a kind pieces of art like no other. Many medicines are made up of products found in nature.  With this knowledge and the understanding that stones are nutrition for the body, without adding chemicals, Evelyn will collaborate with you to find the perfect stones to help you get whole…a whole lot better. Evelyn’s healing stone jewelry is a must see. Stop in or call to book an appointment with the Rock Doctor today.

Christina Garcia, Operations Manager

Christina joins our team as our Operations Manager bringing her skills for business strategy, along with her love for customer service to the Energy Wellness Center. She has a Business of Science degree in Psychology and brings a unique level of service to our team. Her background includes consulting with several small businesses in Central Florida. Relationship management is one of her strongest attributes. She enjoys meeting new people and working with our staff to ensure our clients needs are in the forefront of our business. Christina is pleased to assist you with any questions, assistance, or feedback relating to your personal experience at our wellness center.

Ruth Quiles, Customer Support

Ruth joins our team in the role of Customer Support. She works alongside our staff to provide our clients with the highest customer service. Her medical and coaching background add a unique quality to our staff. Her energetic, enthusiastic attitude brings a fresh element to our wellness center.