Meet the Staff

Dr.Jan Thomas, RMT,CPT, ND, CLC, PMA

Dr.Thomas is a mother, natural medicine practitioner, life coach, personal trainer, pastoral counselor,and end stage Cancer Survivor.She started her career as a food chemist in New Jersey, for Basic Foods. Research and development for the bakery industry. Distressed by the chemical overtones in the industry she became a strong advocate for a better wellness model. Relocating to Texas, Dr. Thomas has spent over 25 years educating herself and others on the importance of good nutrition and a balanced lifestyle. Through her extensive educational path she has mastered the use of many modalities. Using energy medicine, Meridian Analysis, Electric Acupuncture, Body Composition Screening, Mineral Testing, Emotional Release, QRA (Quantum Reflex Analysis), Weight Loss Management, Cation Packing for EMF (Electro Magnetic Field), Interference Field Damage, Goal Setting and Accountability Coaching, she combines these techniques to assist an individual to get back to a state of homeostasis. She attended Fairleigh Dickinson University, Texas SSM, Clayton College of Natural Health, NASM,and Light University.Dr. Thomas is a recent survivor of advanced stage peritoneal cancer. She integrated the use of both Eastern and Western medicine to heal herself. Her desire is that everyone should be "HEALED". She is presently working with elite level Olympic athletes across the nation to recover from injuries. Dr. Thomas is also working with individuals on W.O.W. (Wellness Optimizes Weight)

Betsy Perez, CH

We are proud to introduce Betsy to the Energy Wellness Center Family. Betsy is certified in Hypnosis, NLP and as a Life Coach. She has a BS degree in Biology and Masters in Information Techology. Betsy's goal is to facilitate personal development and change in several areas such as stress reduction, smoking cessation, weight loss,regression, and self confidence.

Dr. Moy

Dr. Moy, QRA® Practitioner Dr. Moy is a graduate from The NY College of Podiatric Medicine.  He has been in podiatric practice for over 25 years and nutrition over 20 years and QRA® over six years. In 2006, Dr. Moy found The Secret of Health and Anti-aging Longevity through QRA® (Quantum Reflex Analysis).  He later underwent two years of QRA® training under Dr. Marshall who is the founder of QRA®. With QRA®, Dr. Moy learned the microscopic secret of nutrition and how it plays a role to one's health. Aside from nutrition, Dr. Moy also learned about the energy field within our body.  This energy field is the secret of life.  QRA® is customized to each individual.  It is no longer one nutrition item for all but which nutrition item is for you.  Dr. Moy is now a Platinum QRA® Practitioner and welcomes you to the Wellness Center. He is delighted to help you become healthy.  With health, one has youth, longevity and wealth.

Tracy Teclaw

Tracy Teclaw, Owner

Over 20 years ago, Tracy watched as both of her parents went through agonizing illnesses and treatments. Her mother, misdiagnosed, underwent unnecessary surgery and died of complications due to chemotherapy. One year later her beloved father died from diabetes. The death of her father had a profound and life altering effect on Tracy. The college freshman, studying psychology, decided her passion lied with proper nutrition, complimentary/holistic and energy medicine. Nursing her parents through their diseases and helplessly watching them suffer, she knew there had to be a better way.

As the owner of The Energy and Wellness Center, Tracy has made it her mission to bring her knowledge of optimal health to all that seek wellness. Through the teachings and philosophies of Dr. Bob Marshall, Dr. Donna Johnston , and Dr. Milovich, to name a few, Tracy is certified in energy medicine, muscle testing, Quantum Reflex Analysis, Bio-energetic feedback and Frequency Specific Micro-current. Her passion is to teach and encourage self-responsibility to others for optimal health.

Gina Citelli Moser, LMT, FS

Gina Citelli Moser, LMT, FS MA 39565 We are very proud to introduce Gina to the Energy Wellness Center family. Gina graduated from Florida College of Natural Health in 2002. She is nationally certified in therapeutic massage and bodywork. Gina is a licensed Esthetician and passionate about natural and holistic therapies for the face and body. She specializes in energetic, cranial, and emotional release therapies. Reflexology and clinical aromatherapy are two wellness areas that Gina feels can contribute to overall health.