Everyone here is wonderful! The supplements work so well and I love how everything is customized exactly for each individual based on what your body needs. Tracy is amazing! Energy Wellness has helped me more in a few months than anyone has over many years. Thank you Energy Wellness for fixing the problem and not masking symptoms. Lisa T.

Mudpacks (I-packs)

My daughter came in with brain fog and general fatigue. The scan showed us where parasites were and how to get rid of them, while the mud made an immediate and dramatic reduction of her brain fog! After 3 sessions of mud, the injuries that she suffered in the past were corrected. Her blood pressure returned to normal after being too low. WOW! The anxiety you feel as a parent when your child is sick is horrible, but to learn there are true solutions is the most wonderful thing in the world! Lisa T.

Infrared Body Wrap

It is very relaxing and enjoyable at the wellness center. The customer service is great and very welcoming. A great way to burn calories while relaxing. Luz Lopez

I’ve been using the body wraps and people have been complimenting me on my weight loss and I started noticing the difference after my second wrap. This is my fourth wrap and I’ve already lost twelve pounds. I highly recommend these wraps. I love them and will keep purchasing them. Lonna W.

I could not believe how incredible my first body wrap made my body feel. The heat penetrated every facet of my body. I did actually sweat out so much water that I had a mini “pool” of water when I got up from the wrap. It was a very positive and invigorating experience that I would definitely look forward to doing again. Frank G.

Hydrogen Enriched Water

I use the water for work everyday. It works great, keeping me hydrated and energized every day. In my line of work it is very necessary. Thank you for the water. It works much better than Powerade and Gatorade. Thank you Tracy. Michael R.



*The testimonials presented here are from the individual experiences of clients. Results may vary by individual.